Data Center Services


Data Centre Services

Businesses are increasingly dependent on IT for mission critical applications to achieve business goals.

In order to survive and succeed with challenges, large & mid-market organizations are looking to cut costs, using best of breed tools and processes to increase flexibility into their delivery models and focus on to their core business. Customers want to ensure that IT is managed effectively and efficiently.

IT is made up of different technology elements and it is extremely crucial to identify a partner who can manage complex IT environment seamlessly. Customers are also looking to lower operational costs, increased use of automation, use best of breed tools and processes, high application availability and manageable service levels.

Industry analysis reviews that most customers have major issues related to data growth, system performance and scalability, effective utilization of resources, energy consumption, tracking and handling of assets, migration to new environment and network congestion. ITSource has offering to address all these complex issues for sustainable business growth.

Our datacenter services are designed to help you reduce IT infrastructure & operational costs, achieve higher service and performance levels and manage IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

  • Server / OS management
  • Database Management
  • Network Management
  • Storage and Backup Mgmt.
  • Production Operations
  • Security Management

Key Benefits

  • Consistency in delivering high value.
  • Better (ROI) Return On IT Investment.
  • High availability of Services using best practices and process.
  • Flexible & scalable Service Delivery models.
  • Industry best practices & quality based on international standard.
  • Better asset utilization and Control.
  • Flexible & Simplified operations management.
  • Cost Effectiveness driving down customer's IT infrastructure cost.
  • Improves IT infrastructure efficiency, uptime and productivity.
  • Continuous 24x7 monitoring & support.
  • Proactive problem identification and Preemptive problem resolution.
  • Enhances ability to adopt new & latest technologies.