Core Values


Core Values

We, at ITSource have been carrying a very strong belief that “means to goals” are as important as “goals”. The foundation of our organization is based on certain core values on which we operate– i.e. the factors, which define “who we are” and “what we are”.

At ITSource, we are extremely proud of our core values, and believe that they were and are critical contributors for building up ITSource for what it is and also for building up a long-lasting and successful relationship with the customer.


We strongly believe in “Say what you can Do and Do what you Say”. Thus, we believe in maintaining a clear transparency while dealing with the customers as well as follow an ethical approach while working, right from the top to the bottom of our team.


At ITSource, we believe that business is run on trust and preach that if there is no trust, there is no business. We strongly believe “mutual trust” is the foundation on which long-term relationships are and can be built.


Service Provider in any field has to remain vigilant to every critical and crucial situation of the customer and help them in resolving this criticality even if it is required to stretch beyond the contractual terms. We call this as a “Service Oriented Attitude”, where we partner with our customer in order to enable to achieve their objectives.


Relationships are key to success in today’s competitive world and that too WIN–WIN situations for both the parties. No relationship can hold good long-term, if there is a WIN-LOSE imbalance. Hence, at ITSource, we strive to maintain a balance of a WIN-WIN situation relationship between all the stakeholders/ customers.


Reach, which is possible with infrastructure, is the pre-requisite for providing customers with one-stop support. Today, we have around 2,000+ employees across 125 locations within the country with latest international technical certifications. Any service provider’s proven capabilities and excellent infrastructure can be significantly leveraged by the customers, only when the service provider is present at the location where customer needs services and with good technical quality.