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Business Process Outsourcing

ITSource is fast growing BPO outsourcing companies that focuses on improving the efficiency of business functions. We help businesses in identifying, analyzing, and quantifying all the key indicators that can ensure organizational flexibility as well as entrepreneurial speed and agility. ITSource BPO services can help you gain operational excellence, while enabling you to put a tab on your operational, infrastructural, and capital expenditures.

By outsourcing BPO services to a reliable outsourcing company, businesses can proficiently perform, manage, and monitor all the mission-critical functions in cost-efficient manner, which ensures consistent organizational growth and development. ITSource offers both B2B and B2C services for a variety of industries. Our customer service call center works on your behalf managing your back office tasks with our business process & backend support services; handles customers queries through various Inbound & Outbound contact center processes, manages core business practices with knowledge process services

ITSource plays a key role in growth of businesses by partnering with clients to help them increase their customer base. Through predictable and risk mitigated service delivery, our solutions aid customer acquisition by increasing lead generation, converting leads effectively to bring down cost of acquisition as well as reduce lead time.

Our capabilities include :

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Qualification
  3. New product Launch & Sale
  4. Cross Selling
  5. Up Selling

Every organization faces stiff challenges in account management which takes considerable bandwidth resulting in certain loss in revenue. We at ITSource ensure seamless account management system resulting in optimizing efficiencies and ensure benchmark for higher growth.

Our offering includes:

  1. Order Verification
  2. Order processing
  3. Documentation
  4. Approvals
  5. Order fulfillments
  6. Feedbacks

ITSource creates international process & practices that are tailored to specific business needs. Our team of customer care experts will work with you in creating best-in-class 24x7 support. Our agents can support your customers through voice, e-mail, live chat support, paper mail or the social networks.

Our capabilities include :

  1. Customer Query Handling
  2. Order Processing
  3. Order Verification
  4. Payment Collection Process
  5. Reminders & Renewals
  6. Deactivation & cancellations
  7. Loyalty Program management
  8. User Satisfaction Survey

With over a decade of experience in tech support, ITSource professionals focus on customer satisfaction through a defined process of first time resolution, near-zero customer call abandonment and reduction of repetitive customer calls, thereby contributing to effective resource utilization. Our automation-enhanced service delivery, combined with our best-of-breed workforce practices, saves costs and reduces risk.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Customer call Support on Product
  2. Help Desk Services
  3. 1st Level line Support
  4. 2nd Remote Support
  5. Field Support

Customer preferences across the world are changing dramatically with advancements in mobile technologies. Customers are increasingly aware of desired product features well before it is launched. Online commerce and self-service are now a commonplace, thus enabling the digital journeys of customers, employees and external partners is now critical.

Effective customer service is a game-changer when it comes to customer retention. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust customer support system in place to retain the customer.

Our Customer Services Practices includes Quality management, Workforce Management, Training Management & helpdesk services which enable our customer to focus on Business & operations Challenges.

Every organization today understands that efficient debt / receivables management is critical to maintain a healthy P&L and improve the cash flow, especially in a volatile financial market. Most organizations seek to work towards improving the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Our collections and recoveries practice supports all kinds of customer and business debts including debt collections – both consumer and commercial, skip tracing, account research, return mail research, cash posting, payment reconciliation and payment research. Our strategies have ensured maximum cure rate and a low roll over rate thus reducing the cost of delinquency.

We are skilled at designing customizable collection strategies with the use of a variety of credit-based scoring models. To top it all, our Debt Management and Collections System can easily integrate with your existing collection account management process.

Our Collections Practices offers end-to-end collection activities from segmentation of accounts to MIS and reporting. It also seamlessly integrates with the compliance and regulatory framework to provide 100% control.